Nicaraguan Team

Sergio Romero demonstrating the use of the chlorine test kit that is standard for all chlorinator installations. This simple and rapid test ensures that the dose of chlorine is sufficient to remove disease causing bacteria yet the chlorine is not detectable in the taste of the water. Matagalpa, 2021.

Project Coordinator, Nicaragua

Sergio Jesus Romero Alvarado

Sergio is a Professional Technician in Hygiene and Epidemiology in the Ministry of Health for thirty years, and has been the Coordinator of the Manual Chlorinator Project since its inception in 2000. The success of the project supplying clean water to more than 400,000 people is due to his leadership.

Marta Lorena Largaespada is Sergio’s wife and the accountant for the project.

New team member Giselle Igmara Soto Largaespada discussing the location of a chlorinator installation.

Another new team member Engineer Roberto Vargas preparing a chlorine solution to disinfect a water holding tank. Jinotega, 2022.

Board of Directors

Board members Charles Taflin (Left) Technical Advisor and Fred Jacob President (center) the co-inventors of The Manual Chlorinator, discussing a chlorinator installation with water technician Ramon Castillo (right) Matagalpa, Nicaragua. 2003.

The Board of Directors is a diverse group that shares a common interest in improving the welfare of the people of Latin America. The Board combines scientific and medical expertise, decades of experience in development work in Central America, and a deep understanding of Latin American culture.

The Board consists of: Board Chair and President Fred Jacob with over thirty years experience in Central America in Community Development; Dr. Narvaez Jacob a Nicaraguan native, and Family Practice Physician in Minnesota; Charles Taflin a water engineer with 40 years of experience in drinking water production and had been in charge of water treatment for the City of Minneapolis, Minnesota prior to his retirement; Sergio Romero Alvarado the Nicaraguan project director with thirty years of experience in Epidemiology. All serve without compensation.

Current Board Members

Fred Jacob, President

Dr. Corina Narváez Jacob, Vice President

Sergio Romero Alvarado, Project Advisor

Charles Taflin, Technical Advisor

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